Best Bike Trip in Bali

Description: If you love exploring and want to get in touch and closer with the beautiful view of Bali, its nature, Balinese people and the culture, try Greenbike Cycling Tours Bali.

Amazing, Fun and Eco Bike Tours in Ubud Bali
From the warm and white sand of Kuta beach to the cold mountain air in the area of ​​Kintamani, you can really enjoy Bali from your own perspective. Bali’s natural rural area also becomes one of the best tourist journey. If you really love exploring Bali, then try Greenbike Cycling Tours Bali. You will surely enjoy the typical Balinese rural scenery with the most popular rice fields background, green scenery, fresh air and really fun experience. You can start with  Greenbike Cycling Tours Bali to make your holidays become more memorable.

Fun Ubud Bali Bike Tours

For you who have a short holiday time in Bali, then you may ask, how to get the Best tour operator in Bali in order to enjoy the panorama of the mountains and the cool air, while you can enjoy the view of rice terraces in Ubud? 

The answer is to follow us, GreenBali bike tours. We been awardee 3 times as a traveller choice 2015, 2016 and this year (2017) proudly awarded again by TripAdvisor

The route start through non-touristy area, through the rice field, traditional house, ancient village of Taro, and mani more. This is a best bali bike tour in Bali as well a fun Bali tour, as you will get in touch with Balinese people, culture, and nature. 

Greenbike Cycling Tours Bali that starts from Kintamani and finishes in Hyang Api Temple, Ubud, initially enjoyed by Tourist all around the world including European, Australian, including from America & South East Asia. But lately Indonesian tourists began to like the activities of our trip too since this is more than just a fun and eco tour but also a good way to make your body healthy as well as to see Bali from a closer distance. Even, you don’t need any special reason just to join Greenbike Cycling Tours Bali  since everything you will find and feel with this activity is just fun.

Our Tour is start with transfer our guest to Balinese plantation for having breakfast with coffee break and pancake or fresh fruit smoothie bowl for gluten free request served with some coffees. Here as well, you can enjoy the famous, Luwak Coffee.

Later, we heading to Kintamani for taking some pictures of Batur volcano and its crater lake if you never been there before, and then we drive another 15 minutes to our starting point to start the bike ride and we ride down hill through villages on quite back road. We have some stops on the way such as, Balinese compound, village temple, stone carving and rice field. Although the location of this Greenbike Cycling Tours Bali  trip is quite far from Kuta Bali, this bike attraction is loved by everyone and always being talked as well as offered by a tour guide in Bali. The attraction of Kintamani and bike ride Ubud lies in the panoramic beauty of Mount Batur and Lake Batur, the fresh air and green view. You will love the nature of Bali.

The route through non-touristy area

Having Lunch at the End of Trip on Greenkubu Cafe

You Will Really Enjoy Ubud 
Greenbike Cycling Tour offer the attraction of Ubud such as the panorama of the countryside that is still a virgin, perfected with the views of rice fields in the roadside and views of the green hills. So, if you are looking for the best Bali special deals, do not forget to try this eco and fun tour. You will ride mountain bikes with good quality, get insurance, face towel and much more if you join Greenbike Cycling Tours Bali . You will really enjoy the amazing view, feel the peace and find a paradise on the route of the bike tour. Just follow the instruction from the instructor of the bike tour, and then you will be OK.


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